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What should I do with Winter flowering pansies?

Once they have finished flowering?

What should I do with Winter flowering pansies?
If the weather doesn't get too hot, you could still have pansies past May. I have them in planters on my deck and beside my driveway, and I just plant petunias or impatiens in with them, and as the others get big and it gets hot, the pansies just go. If I remember, I pull them out, but the other plants usually just cover them up anyway.

If you keep them dead-headed, they will bloom as long as the weather is still fairly cool.

Winter-flowering pansies is really a misnomer, something retailers thought up to sell them in the fall. Pansies are pansies. There really is no difference between winter pansies and spring pansies.
Reply:leave if you have room after a short rest most will reflower
Reply:Plant them in the garden and they will flower again in the Spring and maybe in the Autumn too.
Reply:If they are in the ground - nothing at all. I love pansies for their low-maintenance.

If they are in a pot inside...I'd keep taking care of them inside, and then plant them out in late spring. (Plant them out earlier, and they might die of shock, as they aren't acclimated to the winter, having been in a house.)
Reply:pansies are a winter flower. dead head them during the winter but once spring gets here they are pretty much done. pull up and throw away and plant something else for the summer

Does your cat act more like a cat or a dog?

I think mine acts more like a dog. and when I say dog, I mean like the little pansy dogs that get carried everywhere and have their own special carrying bag. my cat is a diva.

Does your cat act more like a cat or a dog?
My 24 pound Maine Coon cat comes when I whistle. He likes to wrestle. Today he caught a mouse and didn't seem to know what to do with it.
Reply:Hi Sylas...both my cats think they are dogs in disguise. Both cats love to go for car rides and walks so to ensure they will be safe on our outdoor excursions I've decided to leash train them. I think they enjoy it even more now since they can go anywhere I go and meet people and dogs who come to sniff them out.

They also can put dogs to shame as both my housecats not only understand obedience commands (come, sit, down, etc) but are also toilet trained, can flush the toilet, go to wherever I point, follow a target anywhere, jump through hoops, roll over, fetch, take apart a 3-D layered puzzle, wave, give a high-five, raise a paw to ask a question, fetch, do agility (like dog agility), walk on a leash in public and so much more. They understand both visual and verbal cues/signals as well and learn most new behaviours quite quickly within a matter of days and for the more complex behaviours such as balancing and walking on a basketball in a month.
Reply:I have one cat that acts like a cat (i.e. she hangs out by herself and, frankly, could care less if I exist so long as she gets fed and her box is clean). I have two that act more like dogs: one fetches and returns paper clips when I throw them to her; the other goes outside on a leash (I don't let my cats out unattended) and also likes riding around on my shoulder and playing in the toilet (he always takes his toys and drops them in; he's lost quite a few when someone didn't look before they went to the bathroom) or in any sort of water (if you let him in the bathroom, he'll walk into the shower while you're in it; one time, I fell asleep in the bathtub and when I woke up, he was sleeping on top of me, in the water). Everyone who has met the second one (the leash/toilet/shower cat) loves him, especially the people who usually don't like cats. They always say that he acts like a dog and that's why they think he's cool. He is cool, but he's a total freak. He loves riding in cars (he likes to perch on the dashboard on on the headrest) and you can take him anywhere and he doesn't get freaked out...he seems instantly at home no matter where you take him.
Reply:mine act like me...sleeps
Reply:how cute...and sweet...
Reply:my cat is like a cat lol
Reply:Actually, I have the reverse answer to this question...

My 6 month old Husky mix PUPPY acts like a cat!

He lives with 5 cats, so he's definitely the minority here!

He's picked up several traits from the cats like:

- licking his paws %26amp; cleaning his face

- Using his paws instead of his nose or mouth to get your attention or during play

- He'll lay on his back while the cats lick his face

I think if he could fit into the litter box he would use it like they do! What a relief that would be... not having to take him outside to poop %26amp; pee 20 times a day!

Reply:pure, unadulterated cat.(s)
Reply:My old cat used to think he was a dog. He used to only sit with our dogs, and only eat their dog food and dog bones and run around with them!! I used to wait for the day when he would start barking - talk about an identity crisis!
Reply:i think you do act like them because i think your also a diva...
Reply:My cat is just like a dog. He begs for human food, and he acts like one of those wimpy dogs. He'll start a fight with my roomates cat, and when she goes to bite him back or something, he runs to me squeaking. (He cant meow) And he licks people! He comes up to me all the time and tries to lick my face. And the way he sleeps is like a dog too. I sleep on my stomach sometimes, and when I do, he lays right in the middle of my legs, sprawls out, and sleeps with his mouth open.
Reply:My cat, Panther, acts like dog. He's not hissy or scratchy and he even fetches. I'll throw his toy mouse and he'll run after it , bring it back and drop it at my feet over and over. He's a large muscular cat, too.
Reply:Mine is like a dog...u open anything from a soda to candy wrapper, and there she is sitting a foot in font of you watching every bite or drink go in your mouth....she wont leave u alone until u let her smell it to see if she likes it or not.
Reply:my cat acts like a dog but don't like dogs she chased one out of the yard the other day she jumped out my window and took off after it shes such a ****** the dog ran away yelping and it was a big dog other than that she loves to go for walks on a leash just like a dog and i can make her attack someone or something if i want she listens to me i trained her like you would a dog when she was a kitten she is so smart its weird

Reply:well he carrys a ball about like a dog,but thats all
Reply:i've had two cats now that both had traits of a dog--very good listeners and obedient.

my first cat developed many routines which she held onto steadfast til day she passed away.

now, our second cat acts very peculiar like a dog. he goes outside every morning and stays outside (where he does all of his business) until he is let in around 4-5:30. he never goes in the litterbox (keep one just in case) and he sleeps ALL night long right next to me.

his favorite toy: a crumpled up piece of paper. on nice days i go outside and throw it as he chases. we haven't quite got him to bring it back everytime but he has once or twice!
Reply:mines growls like a dog and runs about crazy so mines acts more like a dog
Reply:I have some dogcats and some catcats!
Reply:my dog acts like a cat. she strectches out just like one and her tounge looks like a cats. i went to a friends house the other day and her cat did the exact same strech as my dog! lmao

rain roots

Will Spring Flowering Pansies survive frost or snow?

I've got some hanging baskets with spring flowering pansies in them and someone mentioned that we're in for some cold weather at the weekend with snow in parts. I've looked on the internet but opinions seem to differ and I wondered if anyone out there could give me any advice. I don't want them to die but on the other hand I don't always get to see the weather forecast and could get caught out at a later date.

Will Spring Flowering Pansies survive frost or snow?
I think it always depends on how cold and how long the cold is going to stay around. If the freeze is at night and only stays below 32ยบ for an hour or so, you will be fine. My pansies have survived more than that and are in full bloom right now.
Reply:We had some snow here in the Dallas area a week ago. All of the pansies survived with no problems.
Reply:Survive snow, yes. Survive frost (if it's heavy), probably not. Surprisingly, snow will protect your flowers from getting killed by a hard freeze. It acts as a blanket. But if the forecast is for well-below freezing with winds, the flowers may be damaged. You can protect them by putting an old towel over them overnight.
Reply:Pansies get flattened by frosty weather,but they perk up again when its over making a new set of flowers.In the very cold eastern american seaboard they could pop their clogs though.In most of the UK its okay
Reply:As far as I can tell Pansie is a terrible name to call someone you think is weak. Pansies in zone seven thrive even through the cold snaps we have here. For example: It was 70 degrees 2 weeks ago on Sunday, snowed all day Thursday and was 50 again on Friday. It only got down to like 28 that time but it's known to get down in the teens. Pansies are strong plants and can handle way more than you think. And even if there laying flat on the ground from some bad weather most of the time they will get back up and go again.
Reply:yes but if they don't(they are just a bunch of pansies)

Pansy tattoo?

I want a pansy with a vine on my wrist does anyone know where I can find a picture (not

Pansy tattoo?
Reply:You're getting a tatoo.. of a pansy...

god help you.
Reply:This is a highly requested flower...visit your local tat shops %26amp; view their art works of such...makes sense to shop %26amp; find where you want it done, yes???
Reply:They're going to call you a pansy! oh my!
Reply:i could draw you one. i'm an artist.

How do pansies spread? Do they drop seeds?

I have pansies in my yard that I planted, and I've noticed that there are some coming up in places where I didn't plant them. How is this happening?

How do pansies spread? Do they drop seeds?
Pansies spread by dropping their seeds at the end of flowering season
Reply:pansies drop there seeds all season long as long as they have time to ripen but in the fall you should have lots of them

I have window boxes in my garden filled with pansies I planted in Dec, when should they die off.?

I want to replant with bedding but the pansies are still in full bloom and I don't want to kill them off, but am worried I might leave it to late for me summer bedding. the pansies also have a white powder dust on the leaves, Is this a sign of their end of season?. Thanks. Peter.

I have window boxes in my garden filled with pansies I planted in Dec, when should they die off.?
You don't tell me where you live...that being said; pansies are a "cool" season they should start flagging say when the temps in your area are consistently above 90 degrees...But plant your "hot" season plants now...Then they'll be ready to take over...
Reply:The thing with pansies is they self seed, this why you still have them. The white powder sounds like mildew, take them all out and make sure you use fresh compost.
Reply:I would agree that the white powder is likely to be powdery mildew. The pansies will be stressed by now hence the mildew, you can transplant them and this often gives them a fresh flush of life but in reality if you want Summer Bedding to give you any worthwhile show then you need to get them into the beds now, should have been in 3 or more weeks ago.

Good luck


Can you grow pansies, violas, and johnny jump ups in the house in a sunny window? and little snapdragons?

I really like the plain violas.... I think some of them have a scent?


I found seeds for some snapdragons that bloom the first year. Is it worth a try indoors?

Thank you

Can you grow pansies, violas, and johnny jump ups in the house in a sunny window? and little snapdragons?
Yes just like in a greenhouse, need plenty of sunlight.
Reply:It's always worth trying your skills with growing plants indoors.

Water regularly, but lightly, and not on the leaves. Keep out of direct sunlight. If not enough light, then arrange a foil, light reflector near the plants.

A small plant feeding stick in each container will help to feed the plants via the roots.

The container for the snapdragons needs to be a little deeper than for the violas, which have a more fibrous root system,

Please tell me, what are 'Johnny jump ups!?'