Monday, May 11, 2009

How often do I need to water pansies?

And can I use Ortho Bug-B-Gone spray to keep the bugs away? I don't want to kill the flowers.

How often do I need to water pansies?
I only water mine when the dirt is starting to dry up. Keep it moist, but don't drowned it because it will make the roots rot. I don't spray anything on mine. They bugs don't bother them. I would read on the bottle to see what it says. If you decide to spray just spray one flower to test. This way if it does kill them it will only kill one and not all of them.
Reply:In a pot, every other day --unless it's super hot %26amp; sunny. In the ground, 2x a week. Bugs don't really bother pansies--or they don't here. Clip off the dead flowers to make them keep blooming.
Reply:Spray is fine.

I only water the pansies when they look like they need it. It all depends on where they are. Above ground - more, b/c the roots get hotter there. It's much cooler down in the soil.

But the REAL question is...where do you live??

I'm asking b/c pansies are only fall/winter/spring annuals. They do not take heat, and get pulled up and replaced w/ summer annuals. For example, here in Atl., all pansies have pretty much been pulled up, thrown away, and replaced. They have 'insulated cells' - it would be like us standing on asphalt in the summer wearing a coat! So, if it's warm where you are, then watering might not save them. It might be time to move on! Good luck!
Reply:When ever the soil feels dry or if they appear wilted or it hasn't rained for a week or so. Plants need bugs to pollinate, so if it were me I wouldn't spray them with anything. I don't like to use chemicals on my plants for any reason. There are natural ways of keeping bugs away. Check out places like or for more info. If you still want to spray something, read the directions and/or ask your local garden center.

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