Friday, November 13, 2009

Will Spring Flowering Pansies survive frost or snow?

I've got some hanging baskets with spring flowering pansies in them and someone mentioned that we're in for some cold weather at the weekend with snow in parts. I've looked on the internet but opinions seem to differ and I wondered if anyone out there could give me any advice. I don't want them to die but on the other hand I don't always get to see the weather forecast and could get caught out at a later date.

Will Spring Flowering Pansies survive frost or snow?
I think it always depends on how cold and how long the cold is going to stay around. If the freeze is at night and only stays below 32ยบ for an hour or so, you will be fine. My pansies have survived more than that and are in full bloom right now.
Reply:We had some snow here in the Dallas area a week ago. All of the pansies survived with no problems.
Reply:Survive snow, yes. Survive frost (if it's heavy), probably not. Surprisingly, snow will protect your flowers from getting killed by a hard freeze. It acts as a blanket. But if the forecast is for well-below freezing with winds, the flowers may be damaged. You can protect them by putting an old towel over them overnight.
Reply:Pansies get flattened by frosty weather,but they perk up again when its over making a new set of flowers.In the very cold eastern american seaboard they could pop their clogs though.In most of the UK its okay
Reply:As far as I can tell Pansie is a terrible name to call someone you think is weak. Pansies in zone seven thrive even through the cold snaps we have here. For example: It was 70 degrees 2 weeks ago on Sunday, snowed all day Thursday and was 50 again on Friday. It only got down to like 28 that time but it's known to get down in the teens. Pansies are strong plants and can handle way more than you think. And even if there laying flat on the ground from some bad weather most of the time they will get back up and go again.
Reply:yes but if they don't(they are just a bunch of pansies)

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